Let’s Kick Hunger Radiothon Photographs

The “Let’s kick hunger day” event held by Taste of NFL and supported by WCCO RADIO 830 AM was a great success. The “Let’s Kick hunger” event raised $180,000. That was more than they expected! Some lucky winners are also going to the SUPER BOWL- (to watch the Vikings!)

Here are some pictures from the Radiothon, “Let’s kick Hunger event”.

This is me as a volunteer in my Land o Lakes shirt. (Had some good cookies from Franklin Street Bakery!).

Here are some hardworking volunteers:

Volunteers at the phone bank!

And the front row as well:

Front Row of Land o'Lakes PM shift

The Taste of the NFL founder is Wayne Kostroski. We spoke briefly and he gave me his card. Thanks for putting that together.

It was nice to have a chance to volunteer to raise money instead of simply being a recipient of charity. I normally eat my breakfasts at Branch 3 on Weekdays (740 East 17th Street). I’m not sure where exactly they get there food from. The food is usually oatmeal or grits or cold cereal (raisin bran), and a choice of muffin. You can choose any combination of two. It is very boring as meals go. Once in a while, we get some eggs (maybe once a week). I’ve posted about expired milk on other links.

The volunteers and food at Simpson shelter (2740 1st Avenue South) remains very high quality. I want to again say that the food there is excellent. It is available only to guests and former guest though. Since I am staying at Simpson shelter

I rate food as this: Simpson is tops, St. Stephen’s is next. For Breakfast, Branch 3 is better than Harbor Lights (but not much). Dorothy Day in St. Paul was not great but certainly better than the Hennepin County secure area. I’m still not sure what exactly I ate one night there. It’s a mystery.

I spoke briefly with Michelle Tafoya and thanked her for her efforts. She really brought a lot of energy to the event and the phone lines began to light up quite a bit. I volunteered from 11:00-6:15 pm. Her broadcast received the most response. I also gave her a Tore Loves Eliza Press Release.

Michele Tafoya raps it up.

Michelle asked me where I blog. I tried to explain: churches, libraries, coffee shops, anywhere I can get access to the internet. If you look at my screenshots of email, a lot of them have the session timer on them.

BTW: I did get my bus fare home. My mother called into donate to the show after reading my post on the blog. Since J10 is my birthday she let me know she had deposited my birthday money in my account.

Faith component.

3 Responses to “Let’s Kick Hunger Radiothon Photographs”

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