Homeless Unemployment

The homeless are more than likely not having a great week. We are getting up early and leaving at 7:00 a.m. from Simpson shelter. I usually walk to Branch 3. By the time I arrive, the breath is crystalizing on my scarf.

I lost 3 gloves yesterday (ruining two pair in total). The lack of sleep is causing me to lose focus as the day runs on. Robert at Simpson gave me a replacement pair- pink but warm. TY.

Most people are still complaining about the lack of reliable transportation to get from place to place. I know I sound like a broken record, but Los Angeles gives homeless people free rides. This is a great way to get from shelter to food to job resource to interview or just the library. The resources are scattered throughout the city and in temperatures like this, you feel it.

I tried my USB stick at Branch 3 and still it does not read. Will it be Knoppix in the end?

I only spent a few minutes there before going to the much more functional job club at St. Stephens. Today, St. Stephen’s had a resume review followed by lunch. I would have preferrred just to send out resumes, but I did that afterwards taking into consideration many of the suggestions. After resume review – Pizza Luce! Fantastic.

BTW, good luck to Mark on his interview. Staff gave him some tokens to get downtown (warm). He has extensive background in programming and machinery, but is new to the area and currently washing dishes instead. (Also he does need some interviewing clothes- nothing in the free store fit him.)

Anyway, I’m still safe and warm at night and I get good food. Things are moving on that front. Outreach to save the show is much more difficult in the am and the evenings because people are in too much of a hurry.

Update: Oddly enough, there is a big scandal regarding H&M clothing today. I posted this yesterday, but feel I should mention the the story here. Recent news is H&M says it will stop.

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