Mayor Rybak Inauguration.

Rybak Inauguration.

Rybak inauguration.

I attended the swearing in of Mayor Rybak. I felt it was a good opportunity to do outreach to try to save Dollhouse.

DFL members meet at Inaugural event

There were many people in attendance. I spoke to many organizers, politicians, staff, and public servants about saving the show.

The opening speaker was Addisalem Tesfaye who gave a powerful speech about the opportunities she received in education.

Step up Intern Graduate

Education was considered a privilege in her country, (Ethiopia- I believe), and she feels very lucky to be in Minnesota where she can pursue a career in human resources.

Addisalem is a former Step Up Intern graduate. Her mother was in attendance and wanted a recording of her speech. My camera only takes pictures though.

I spoke to a security guard at the event who wants her daughter to be an intern at the city, but cannot because she is not a Minneapolis resident. 😦

Media: “zzz…zzz…zzz”- still sleeping.

I will post more pictures later with a future update. I do not have access to the pictures I took yet.

It appears some fearmongerer posted about my presence at the event. Apparently, the blogger is ignoring all the medical records (which I posted) which indicate I am not a threat to myself or anyone else. I have been very clear that I am not mentally ill, but am simply in love with Eliza Dushku. It is unfortunate that someone would resort to such a baseless scare tactic.

Many of the people in attendance are people I have known for years in various capacities through my community organizing and political outreach activities. I, in fact, spoke to Mayor Rybak about following up about my question during Drinking liberally about violence in the shelters and he directed me to talk to his staff about attending an open house event. It should be noted that the only incident I witnessed were the events at branch (stopped) and the expulsion of Tina.

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