Simpson Situation

Last night at Simpson was good. Met some very nice people from Anoka high- student volunteers and their parents. The food was speghetti- which can be a common meal, but was very good. The chocolate chip cookies were warm! Too good.

Simpson continues to stay open during this very cold weather. The temperature is quite cold in Minnesota. This morning we got a cold breakfast, unlike the day before with hot breakfast burritos. Still, we get to stay inside all day if we want. I’m out to do outreach at the Vikings game.

Tomorrow is the lottery. I expect a full house. It always seems like there are more people who need a place to stay than there are places. People were calling in at 7:30 a.m. to try to get a place to stay. It is certainly very competitive to get into the Simpson shelter system as they provide additional services not found at the others. I’m already 2 weeks into my stay and only have 2 weeks left. After that, who knows?

Hoping to watch some more Dollhouse S1 on DVD at the shelter.

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