Simpson Updates

Last night, we had a meal prepared by River Hills United Methodist Church of Burnsville. It was a chicken dish. Here is a photo of Gordon serving chicken.

Volunteer serving meal at Simpson

Volunteer serving dinner at Simpson

If you are wondering what the beds look like, here is a photo of those as well.

Simpson shelter's "beds"

Simpson did allow people to stay in ALL day today owing to the cold weather if they are guests of the shelter. People who stay are ask to volunteer, but may be rewarded in different ways. In any event, the staff continues to try to adjust. Simpson will stay open again on Sunday for guests.

If you volunteer to sweep or help out, you may be rewarded with other things as well. Also, this morning we watched Dollhouse S1E1 at the shelter, which I own on DVD.

It’s not too cold to hand out some fliers, but I find the streets are empty.

The computer situation remains complicated at Simpson shelter. They have unused computers in the main shelter. (The lab is open on Wedsnesday’s and Thursday’s from 1-6pm running UBUNTU). I have heard many different reasons for not using the computers, but none seems to make too much sense. I have been told they are water damaged- but my guess is they could be repaired. I also heard they do not have the technical staff to support the lab, but it seems pretty simple.

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