Homeless Donations- Beyond Basics

Today, before I left the shelter, the Girl Scouts from the Midtown YWCA stopped by to donate to the food shelf/shelter. They collected over 300 nonperishable items. Thank you.

At the same time, while at the MOA, I spoke with people about trying to get USB flash drives to people at Branch 3 Catholic charities. They serve about 115 people in a morning. A 4gb drive would allow people to store important information and install a linux distro like Knoppix to meet portable computing needs. Other people in the shelter have also requested wallets, especially to organize contact cards.

I got a GO pass today, but in general, transit remains a challenge for most homeless people. As I have repeatedly mentioned, in Los Angeles, you can get courtesy rides for FREE if you are homeless.

Another area of difficulty is phones. I currently have a skype account but limited access to checking it. A friend is currently checking my messages. I also have a free voice mail which I rarely check. In many places phone time is very limited. Workforce center is work only. Shelters are usually limited to 5 minutes (too many people). Branch 3 does not have a working phone (their computer lab printer is also not working).

A good bag (backpack) is also essential. Maybe someday, I’ll get a Chrome bag (water proof). I see them all around and think they would be excellent under these circumstances.

Some of the luckier members of the homeless shelters have notebooks or WIFI capable devices (PSP). Very nice for those who have- digitial divide is very pronounced in the homeless community. OLPP?

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