Cold Day Today

Started out early. It was bitterly cold. We still have to leave the shelter at 7:00 a.m. Some of the old timers remember when the shelter stayed open later on really cold days. I hear tomorrow may be colder.

Minor incident at the branch today. A small dispute erupted over how much food someone was eating. The incident escalated to the point where one individual was asking, “You want to go in the snow?” (You want to take it outside). In any case, staff intervened and warnings were issued. The problem was resolved. Apparently the ban for such behavior is 6 months.

Plan on outreach at the mall today.

Update: Mall security asked me to stop handing out fliers. Not sure exactly where to meet people when the temperature is as frosty as that. See the Underwater Adventures shark all the time walking up to people and stuff.

Mall of America Underwater Adventures Shark coupon flier handout

Underwater Adventures Shark

In any event, I also talked to some representatives of Best Buy about Branch 3 USB sticks. Margaret at Branch 3 of Catholic charities needs the USB sticks. Not sure if the message will get through.

I also spoke to the people from FLOTV. I always seem to see them around the time Dollhouse is playing on Fox Mobile (2pm). They indicated their promotion would be ending this week. So if you are at the mall be sure to check out FloTV (TV in your pocket would be handy in a shelter).

Happy New Year. Please help save this show.

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