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Falling in love with Eliza Dushku

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I am homeless and madly in love with Eliza Dushku. I wrote some Dollhouse scripts and took an ill-fated trip to Los Angeles to give the scripts to Eliza Dushku. Now I am homeless in Minnesota and trying to save Dollhouse.

This story, about me, ran in a police blotter in Lillie Suburban newspapers:

“Missing Shoreview man found in L.A.

A Shoreview man with strong feelings for TV star Eliza Dushku drove to California to hopefully meet the 29-year-old actor with the tattoo of an Albanian eagle on her neck and to deliver three scripts he wrote to help save the science fiction drama “Dollhouse” from cancellation. The 37-year-old who had kept his plans to himself was reported missing but later found in L.A. and flown home by his sister. His vehicle remains in California. The man now lives in a homeless shelter in Minneapolis and the show has been canceled.”

The article is right that my car is in CA, but I gave it away. I am currently living in a Minneapolis homeless shelter. A few things are very wrong. Eliza is an actress. I wrote 4 scripts. I also wrote them before the show was canceled. They are a gift to Eliza Dushku. I love her.

I am doing this because I love Eliza.

Please sign the TNT petition online.

Please take the time to send TNT EMAILS.

*NEW* The twitition to save Dollhouse is here!

Learn more about the course of true love here.

Please help save the show.

Help in anyway you can!

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I am doing this because I love Eliza.

Please sign the TNT petition online to save Dollhouse.

Please take the time to send TNT EMAILS to save Dollhouse.

Learn more about the course of true love here.

And special thanks to SFFANDOM for noticing these efforts to save Dollhouse.

Vikings loss.

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I cannot say that I was happy with the outcome of the NFC championship game. The Vikings had plenty of opportunities to win. Unfortunately, Vikings fans are all too used to the disappointment. Still, the team had a great season and it is a pretty excellent group of players. Since the season is over, hopefully, Vikings fans have time to focus on saving Dollhouse.

Testing new Distros.

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It’s been a while since I have had the chance to play around with linux. Since my netbook was stolen yesterday, installing Linux distros took a back seat to recovery.

The good news is that I am currently in the process of trying new distros. I have been able too boot my netbook using my Knoppix USB. In addition to that, I currently installed a 4GB persisent Linux Mint 8 on an SD card. Works great. I’m updating this post with it. I would love to testdrive the Fluxbox version as well to see how the power saving features work. Might make more sense for a netbook.

Other than that, I am still exploring ways to get Skype to work on portable systems. I played around at St. Stephen’s yesterday with trying to get the system to work with my Knoppix drive, but sound drivers did no come through. I can access my Skype, but no sound works. It would be very nice to get a portable Skype solution going.

Update: Well I’ve been toying around with my Netbook 1005PEB. I have a problem getting the touchpad/keyboard working. It does not seem atypical. Also, for some strange reason, Skype will not install on my Mint8. I tried to do USB installs of Ubuntu, MintFluxbox, Ubuntu Netbook Remix, and Linux Mint. In all cases, I ended up with the buggy touchpad behavior. It looks like it will take a long time to get all of the features working. I must admit, Windows7 starter is doing a great job of running on this netbook. The power saving features are very nice.

I’ve posted on the Mint forums looking for a solution to the Touchpad issues. I am hoping an answer will come soon as I would love to have access to multiple screens.

Save Dollhouse Tore Loves Eliza Linux Mint Fluxbox

Media Blackout continues.

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I am unable to report on events at the Catholic charities branches. After being kicked out of Hennepin County secure area, I have not been to branch 3. This makes it much harder for me to connect with many people I know in the homeless community as well as access laundry, food, and other things.

Last night, as I walked to Harbor lights, I saw an ambulance in front of the Hennepin County secure area. I saw an ambulance team leading an individual to the ambulance. What happened? I don’t know. Nor is likely anyone will with the current restrictions in place.

Moreover, I have no idea what the status of the computer lab at Branch 3 is or whether people are playing Madden 2010. There is no way I will know, until the Feb. 3 hearing.

Uganda Gamer needs new system.

Posted in Dollhouse and gaming, Save Dollhouse on January 26, 2010 by toresimonsen

The story about homeless gamers at Branch 3 playing Madden2010 reached Uganda. An individual who calls himself roxtarjoe friended me on facebook as a result of a post I did. Although we never met before, we chatted on FB today. We discussed gaming. He currently plays Fifa10, DevilMay Cry 4, and Pro Evolution Soccer. Most of his games, he plays on a Playstation 2. He does have some richer friends he can play with on newer systems. He said he needed help in getting a new system. He wants something like an XBox360 or PS3 or Wii (current generation).

In any case, his contact information is:

According to his Facebook info, his current contact info is:

P.O. box 18518 kajjansi-uganda
Kampala, Uganda 256

Ironically, even as the story reaches Uganda, I’m still unable to take any more photos at branch 3 until the Feb. 3 hearing…

Still homeless- Dollhouse homeless soon.

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Dollhouse will be off the air this Friday. This is a serious situation.

My own situation is not much better.

I lost almost all my productive outreach yesterday because of a morning incident regarding my netbook. I was charging the netbook in the chapel at Salvation Army on Currie (connected to Safe Bay). The netbook got taken. In any case, I promptly reported the incident and the police came out and took a report.

Here is the blue card from the police department.

Minneapolis police Salvation Army Harbor Lights Chapel Safebay Asus 1005

Minneapolis police incident report.

I can’t tell you how upsetting this was as my netbook is the only real chance to connect with a lot of people. In addition to that, I was struggling to carry everything I owned around. Since Catholic Charities evicted me from their homeless shelter in retaliation for asserting my rights to save Dollhouse, I was carrying everything I owned around.

The incident was videotaped by security cameras in the church. I’m still a bit surprised that anyone would try to steal a laptop in those settings. The homeless community is fairly tight nit and no one can afford to get a bad reputation.

In any event, I am happy to say that the laptop was recovered!!! The police consider the matter closed. I have not ever seen the video tape, but most people feel I am very lucky to get the laptop back.

Nevertheless, this was another draining setback. I spent most of the day throwing away all the things I did not absolutely need. I went to lottery at Simpson shelter but it did not work out. I did not even get on a wait list. This means I am stuck at Safebay. One good note was I got some locker space at Simpson so I was able to store a lot more stuff.

One bright spot, I got a free haircut by Tracy Muse at St. Stephen’s shelter. Tracy is cutting hair on Mondays starting at 3:30 pm. He only takes up to 6 people, so sign up and get there early.