Simpson Stay

My stay at the Simpson shelter for men continues to be very pleasant. I am very lucky to be there. It’s always hard to accept that people who want to and need to be in these shelters have to go elsewhere. In my older posts, I’ve compared some of the shelters.

Many of the other homeless people I am staying with are very talented individuals- skilled in computing, arts, and many trades. Many are far more entrepreneurial than I am. Everyone has a reason for being there and everyone is trying to get by.

In the mornings, I walk by people trying to get work at AAA temp agency. They say it is very slow. Lot of people in the computer labs trying to get work at St. Stephen’s.

Meanwhile, my stay at Simpson continues to be very nice. I had a very nice meal of Sloppy Joe’s last night. We had food service from Hill Murray High school. Had some very nice interactions with Paul, Emily, and Will. Wish Emily the best with her plans to go into Occupational Therapy. Also Will, it was very nice talking to a Whedonite. I still feel they should not have killed off so many main characters in Serenity. Our volunteers were Gary, Chelsey, and soon to be nurse Steve. Thank you all for your efforts. Chelsey is off to Florida! We all envy her as we are about to get into single digit temperatures in Minnesota.

If you want to prepare meals, contact a local shelters. At Simpson, the backlog is almost 3 MONTHS so make sure you get going now. It takes a long time to book a night. Other shelters are probably in need of volunteer meals as well.

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