As many of you know, I am currently staying at Simpson shelter. I have stayed in many shelters so far, and there has been really no serious issues of violence that I have noticed. I did make a post about the story about TINA who was recently expelled from Branch for fighting. I have not personally witnessed any violence thankfully.

Here is Minneapolis Mayor RT Rybak answering my questions about violence in the shelters. I want to thank Spotty for getting this video to me.

One small comment, dialing 9-1-1 is easier said than done. I personally do not have a cellphone. At the shelters, access to phones is uncertain. Many shelters do not provide people with phone access after lights out, for example. Therefore, it is unclear how this would happen for many people, who do not have cell phones, to respond as the mayor requested.

As for the next Drinking Liberally, this was in my inbox:

“New Year’s Eve is a Thursday, so that means there will be a meeting of Drinking Liberally, six to nine, at the 331 Club. There will be a couple of bands at the bar later, so you can make DL your first stop on New Year’s Eve or stay all evening!

And remember: Drink Liberally, but drink responsibly.

One more thing: Tom Rukavina will be our guest at the first DL in the New Year, January 7th. Rep. Rukavina is a member of the Minnesota House of Representatives, and he is running for the DFL endorsement for governor. He’s always entertaining and candid; the 331 Club will be a great venue for him.

You won’t want to miss this one.”


  1. […] attended Drinking Liberally on Thursday. I want to thank Spot again for the video of RT RYBAK on homeless issues. I have been very lucky to have the help of bloggers in getting video of US Rep Tim Walz on the […]

  2. […] Meanwhile, Gubenetorial candidate RT Rybak had some comments on violence in the shelters. His video respons is here. […]

  3. […] Minneapolis Mayor RT Rybak discusses homeless conditions at drinking liberally. […]

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