Branch 3 Episode

Branch 3

Today, we saw the departure of Tina. According to Tina, she and her family had been threatened by someone at the Branch. This escalated into a confrontation in which Tina says she was attacked. She departed by 9:15 am from the branch with all of her possessions packed into two garbage bags.

I spoke to Adam and he indicated that the staff had reviewed the evidence and talked to witnesses and they felt Tina should be the one removed from the Branch. I asked about the review process, and Adam indicated that appeals of Branch removals could take a long time.

I am not sure who the other person is and I have not been able to verify their position.

Everyone in these environments should be entitled to feel safe and not threatened and be free from violence. I guess, in general, I continue to fall back on Camus’ statement that “Violence is never justified.”

At the same time, what is the process for challenging or reviewing the staff actions regarding removal? I am really worried that someone could be unjustly barred from receiving the benefits of shelter and warmth during the winter.

I hope this situation can be resolved to everyone’s satisfaction- quickly.

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