It’s a bit too warm. I know that may sound strange, but all of the snow is melting. This means people (like me) are stepping in giant puddles. Then our feet freeze. It also seems to be causing problems for cars which are skidding along.

Branch 3 continues to have long waits outside in the morning for breakfast. Today, the branch opened a bit late on the 7:30 am side. (We got in about 7:40). Given the fact that feet get wet and it is somewhat cold in the morning, it would seem only HEALTHY for people to be able to spend more time indoors. They served about 125 people today. Most of whom had to spend some time outdoors. Hopefully a solution can be worked out during the winter months which prevents people from getting sick while standing in the cold.

I am also wondering: is there is any indoor PUBLIC space in downtown Minneapolis besides the library? Skyways are technically private. I think it would be very nice to have somewhere for people to go (especially when the library is not open).

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