Lottery night

Tonight is the lottery at Simpson’s shelter.

The lottery should be an interesting affair. I was number 2 on the waiting list at St. Stephens. Now I could be so low as not to qualify or maybe I’ll get a 28 day bed. It is very hard to calculate whether the situation will be better or worse tomorrow.

Plymouth church had a dinner service last night. They also provided people with their choice of a gift card to target ($10) or a bus pass ($10). I now have a bus pass! Too bad I can’t get transfers with it, but still it will help me get around. (Like to the U of M today).

I was able to write some fliers while watching the Vikings game. I was disappointed by the loss, like every fan. Fortunately- or unfortunately- the staff turned the television to the local news station rather than let us watch the game.

Meanwhile, I tried to find the time to apply for things. The interesting thing is that the use of the computers at most employment centers is limited to work searches and requires creative use. Some centers provide training- but to what end? If all you can use the computers for is “work related” you won’t develop the new skills or take advantages of the new social networking sites which will help you get jobs effectively. In this case, the restrictions may be inhibiting people’s abilities to acquire skills or find work.

In addition, many people lack the tools they need to appropriately access the computers. For example, they are trying to sell homeless people USB sticks- but who has these things?

The blog continues to get a lot of traffic. Please help me save the show for Eliza Dushku. Sign the online petitions and send the emails. THANK YOU.

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