Keep it up!

This is the only Dollhouse campaign fueled by love.

It is critically important that we continue to build our moment to save Dollhouse and get emails sent and petitions signed. As everyone who is a regular reader knows, I am in love with Eliza Dushku. I am trying to save her television show because I love her. Please help me.

3 Responses to “Keep it up!”

  1. You know, I am thinking and thinking that why should every good show be cancelled – and I know that this is because they cannot entertain the masses because the good shows are not for the masses… OK, money talks, I understand… so, what to do?… I reached the point when I can say, yes, I am ready to pay for these shows episode by episode… with a 2.1 million viewers, if everyone pays 1 dollar / episode, that can cover all the costs I hope… I know this is so hard to do, but I can see the future of quality shows only with this method…

    Anyway, the show is amazing. And Firefly was, too…

  2. I would be willing to pay for Dollhouse per episode, hell I’d pay up to $5 an episode! But I think that high would only be from me and a few others. lol

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