A chance at Christmas.

The Christmas party at St. Stephen’s church was fine. It included a lottery for gifts, which included Starbuck’s coffee, Cub Foods, Target gift cards, Best Buy gift cards, and a metrobus pass. I won nothing, but at least I had a chance at Christmas- besides, it is mainly about getting a chance to mingle with other people and take a break from ordinary routine.

Here is a picture of the musical performance. Jayanthi sang a song called “Elijah” (which sounds like Eliza).

Performance at St. Stephens

Musical performance at St. Stephen's church.

This morning was an early morning for exiting the shelter from St. Stephens. The milk was past its due date, so I skipped cereal. A friend met up with me and took me out for a breakfast at the Uptown Diner.

I’m still very happy to be at St. Stephen’s because the beds are very nice and the common areas have tables, chairs, and a television. The conversation is always interesting and the open wi-fi would be awesome if I had a notebook.

One thing, it would be very nice to be able to leave as late at 7:15 a.m. because then I could get to Branch 3 for the second shift. This would keep me, and others, from waiting outside for the Branch 3 to reopen on days the Workforce center is closed. Almost all of the nonprofits seem to close their computer lab/workforce centers on the weekends. Does this make sense?

***Special note: If Marco’s girlfriend is reading this, I’m sorry that the flyer caused you some confusion. I handwrite the flyers I distribute and put hearts on them. It was not a note from another woman- just me.***

In any case, please keep sending in the petitions and email links. I’m asking for help retweeting and posting to other forums. With the show on break until post-holidays, we need to get this done fast! Spread the word.

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