A perfect Christmas

Here’s hoping for a Dollhouse Christmas

You can begin by watching the show.

Watch Dollhouse on Hulu.

I think Dollhouse on DVD (or BluRay) would make a perfect gift. Someone in my Dollhouse Facebook group suggested I mention it and it is a great idea!

Here are some prices for Dollhouse on DVD.

Please be sure to sign my petition to get Dollhouse moved to another network.


After that, send some emails. (Make sure your friends do that as well).


For my part, I’m still in the shelters. I rented a 30 day locker today. I’m not willing to move into a home unless my family accepts my feelings for Eliza Dushku. Please help me save her show.

I heard a rumor there may be a holiday party at Simpson shelter on Friday. If so, I’ll be there. I’ll post details when I have them.

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