Library policies changing.

A few library policies which need some serious scrutiny are the forthcoming internet polices in Minneapolis library.

The library is geting rid of temporary library passes. This will create a problem for people who do not have an identification and piece of mail.

They are also shortening up the time people can surf. Many other state agencies are draconian with their internet use policies. I would hope to see the library exercise some leadership on this issue.

For example, it is critically important for people who want to watch the DOUBLE episodes of Dollhouse, be able to do so.

Finally, I would only add that having the library in Minneapolis closed on Monday is absurd. The short hours on Sunday coupled with the lack of operations on Monday is tiresome.

One Response to “Library policies changing.”

  1. Tore,

    As a librarian, I felt I should respond to this post with some possible reasoning behind these new policies.

    I agree with you that it’s unfortunate that the library is revoking temporary passes. People like you, living in shelters, deserve access to books, whether for entertainment or education. You are very well spoken in your blog; perhaps you could write a brief, reasoned letter to the library about this new policy.

    It’s unclear to me why they would shorten Internet time, but perhaps they are experiencing greater demand and want to be able to serve everyone.

    As for the Monday closings, I assume this is due to budget cuts. In a recession like the one we are experiencing now, public services like libraries are the first organizations to get financial cuts. Presumably the library’s budget has been drastically lowered, and short Sunday hours and Monday closings are their way of keeping the library open with a smaller operating budget. It is certainly frustrating and tiresome for library users! This is why your community leaders need to hear your voice about the services that are important to you.

    I encourage you to write to or speak to library staff and community leaders about your concerns. They should be happy to hear from their constituents, especially in a supportive manner. Good luck!

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