Family situation

My family is beginning to try to offer me a place to stay. So far, however, I am reluctant to accept such offers. The offers must be unconditional and they must accept my love for Eliza. I have no assurances that they will not simply attempt to put me back into treatment programs I do not need, make me apply for SSDI, or place other unreasonable conditions upon me.

2 Responses to “Family situation”

  1. Seriously, you have a family who can offer you a place to go.

    Why don’t you take it and and free up all the free resources you’re taking up (Christmas gifts, computer time, shelter beds) for the homeless people who actually need them?

    You’re homeless pretty much by choice, and each time you score a shelter bed is probably a time somebody who has no choice winds up sleeping on the streets.

    • I walked away from a situation in which I was about to be put BACK into a crisis center for the second time which I did not need. I had pretty much nothing but the clothes on my back. I have rejected all GA,MA, SSDI, etc…

      But it’s winter in Minnesota and I do need a place to stay, without being forced to take unnecessary medications. It is in fact, because I refused to fill out an SSDI form to begin with that was part of the problem.

      I am trying to tread as lightly as possible, while making the best of a difficult situation. I even regifted the McDonald’s card.

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