I continue to flier everywhere I can. In addition to the Mall of America, I ended up downtown again. Most of the time, I end up in downtown.

I took a break at the Saloon in Minneapolis. I had a brief conversation with a friend while handwriting more fliers. After that, I resumed my work.

I finished the night watching the Holidazzle parade again.

Twinkle Bus

Twinkle Bus

I also caught a bit of the performance of Twin Cities Bronze. They are a musical group specializing in the music and art of english handbells. They were playing in Macy’s store. The downtown continues to be filled with holiday celebrations and music.

Twin Cities Bronze

Twin Cities Bronze Bell ringers.

Speaking of bell ringing, I’ve spoken to many members of the Salvation Army bellringers- some who come out of the shelters. They appreciate the perks people give them- rail tokens, bus tokens, and the occassional cup of coffee.

The most disappointing thing was running out of handwritten fliers. I am doing my best to save the show for Eliza. Running out of fliers is the hardest part of the canvassing.

I went back to the homeless shelter at night and there I was able to handwrite more fliers for today.

I really need your help to get the show saved.

2 Responses to “Canvassing”

  1. I find myself out of work for the first time in 30 years.It’s scary to think how close we are to being homeless in this country. It’s insane and well let me stop here. I like the style of your blog and while short, it was intriguing. I write in different places. I started centralizing my blogs yesterday (,I started feeling like a scatter brain.

    Joe Garcia aka joeygee007

    • Thank you. I have not been able to update the pictures for a while, but finally got access to a usb cable and hopefully that will spruce up the blog a bit. Everyone in the shelter is in a difficult situation.

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