Show Saving Update

I continue to do what I can to promote and save Dollhouse. Despite living in a homeless shelter, things are positive on that front. I hope everyone is sending in emails and signing petitions.

People are feeling very down about the show, so it’s important to keep our spirits up. We are getting more response.

2 Responses to “Show Saving Update”

  1. tores.. I read the contract your sister wrote and it sounds as though she loves you a lot. I don’t think Eliza Dushku would say it’s okay to live on the streets if u hav a home to go to for Christmas, do you? Seems as tho she’s pretty socially conscious about these things. Go home, look after yourself, then and only then can u save the show.

    • I do not want too much detail in the situation. I would prefer to find a more stable situation, but need to be free from unreasonable demands. I agree Eliza would not want me in a shelter.

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