Love it is.

As many of you know, I have been trying to avoid interacting with the mental health community. A family intervention lead me into contact with the system to begin with. A terrible contract was entered into.

I only basically said the “Whereas” part, about loving Eliza Dushku and being willing to do anything for her. My sister drafted the rest of the despicable contract. I entered the system as a prisoner of the heart.

I spent weeks in treatment which I basically considered a waste of my time. I kept trying to explain that everything I had done was out of “love” for Eliza Dushku.

Various specific and vague threats were made throughout the process- from not having a place to live, to interactions with the police. To the extent I could, I continued to save the show for the woman I love.

I am happy to report that the mental health community has finally diagnosed me with “love”.

According to Tom Grace, “I signed off on the treatment plan that you edited to read “love”.

I am hoping to have the full email available later.

What sustains me, is my love for Eliza Dushku.

Please help me save her show.

I am trying to save Dollhouse.

3 Responses to “Love it is.”

  1. Dude, you rock! I met you on the street today on First Avenue and went to your website. You got a great website man especially for not owning a computer. It appears that your family cares a lot about you and you should let them help you even if they don’t think they may understand you. It’s always refreshing to see someone so passionate. Best of luck to you!

  2. […] After becoming homeless, Dr. Tom Grace finally acknowledges it’s love. […]

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