To be filled with love in a loveless place (again).

My experience in homelessness continues. I am currently staying at a Minneapolis shelter. I attempted to win a 28 day in a shelter lottery, but was put on the waiting list. As nerve-racking as the lottery was, everyone felt good that some people would be in much better shape. I congratulated winners- I know how much it might mean for them.

I currently have a bunk on the second floor of a very crowded shelter. It appears I will be getting a voucher. The bunk is not much more than a mat- but I do get bedding. The lights go on earlier and the release time is about the same. I’m getting a private voucher. Walking long distances to get different services- Workforce Center and meals are too far away. (Though some have suggested it’s not so bad if you are not handing out fliers along the way…)

Today during breakfast at the Branch, a staffer told people last person out would be denied access for a week. A regular left his tray to hurry out and was expelled for the rest of the day. An argument ensued. As someone new, I was just happy I did not inadvertenly violate the rule.

The homeless connect event was overcrowded. Thanks to the volunteers from Target and the coffee from Dunn Bros!

Update: I want to again thank Target. I caught the Target Spot singers in the skyway today and the music was very uplifting.

Target Spot

Target Spot singers.

I recieved $5 from Mary’s place for a lock for a locker at the shelter and I made sure to purchase it at Target.

As for homeless connect, I could not get a haircut. Volunteers were all very nice, but there were plenty of homeless people who did not get what they needed. The demand for haircuts could not be met. Still, I did get a voice mail set up, and was directed to appropriate shelter resources. I was able to utilize free internet and printing services and consult with lawyers. Thanks.

Today, the convention center is eerily empty. Plenty of homeless still on the streets- but no more homeless “day”. Another day, and many have needs unmet.

I’m tired. Three nights of poor sleep. Nothing but the clothes on my back.

Update: I used some of PF’s money to purchase some socks, a shirt and underwear.

To be filled with love in a loveless place…

(Echoing old Twitter for Los Angeles). (My twitter is currently Tore Simonsen). Still getting much help and I think things may slowly get better.

Car in LA was apparently in a minor fender bender. I’m trying to give it away. Can’t get back to it anyway.

(Update: fender bender may not be so minor. Not sure.)

Embedding the website in all my communications. Using all resources available to try to get the message out. Trying to embed to media. Spread the word.

Show is EVERYTHING.* Save the show.

*Because of who it matters too.

2 Responses to “To be filled with love in a loveless place (again).”

  1. How long have you been without a place to stay, Tore?

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