Triple Rock- Solid as always.

I finished the night at the Triple Rock. Some confusion, but otherwise another productive evening. I appreciate the willngness of the staff to allow me to collect signatures even during a very busy night. It takes a lot of courage for businesses to open up to signature collection. THANK YOU. The Triple Rock is the only bar/night club that has let me collect inside- not once, but twice.

Two bands were playing- Friendly Fires and XX. The show had been sold out for weeks. There was no way I was getting in. In the bar, I did, however, manage to meet some Dollhouse fans (Firefly fans), and many people eager to listen. I met some very talented people, like the artist sketching penguins carrying umbrellas. I want to thank all of the people who signed the letters to TNT. I appreciate your willingness to listen.

Triple Rock Social Club

Sign outside the Triple Rock

The night ended with a bike ride back to Shoreview. Late night, but worth it.

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