Thread Removed from BF:H

My post requesting help to save Dollhouse was removed from the Battlefield Heroes off topic section. I’m rather disappointed as many posts are totally frivolous. For all I know, some forum griefer posted inappropriate follow ups on my link and killed it. Sigh. Happens to a lot of good discussions. I put a lot of time into the Battlefield community. With my main rig in Nevada, BF:H is only thing I can play.

Meanwhile, I found a bug. Turns out a tie is a defeat for the Royals on Buc Bay! After all the beta testing…

Battlefield Heroes

A tie is still a loss for the Royals.

In any case, Battlefield games are among my favorite. Hope you check them out. I’ve got a link to Heroes because it is free to play, casual, and good for busy people.

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