Tim Walz @ Netroots.

I spoke to US Congressman Tim Walz at Netroots. He answered one of my questions. He essentially indicated people were being “warehoused” in mental health care facilities without benefit or need.

Tim Walz

Meeting with Tim Walz.

I found the link, but not the video yet. I asked the last question. Here’s the truncated “twiterized” summary:

“Q: Last Q, funding mechanisms trap people in mental health institutes?

TW: yes, mental health parity is key. Incentivizing warehousing when we need to do better. Mental health parity needs to be part of healthcare reform.”

I gave a flier to Senator Franken’s staff.

Here is Bluestem’s summary of netroots closing:

“In his closing keynote speech to Netroots Minnesota late yesterday afternoon, Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie spoke of how the best activism is based in an expression of values. Those involved in social media at some point begin to base their work in what they love, and act with others to strenghen and protect the people, the place, the nature, the country and the values they love.”

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