Viking’s fan signs petition!

So here is a real Viking’s fan, who helped sign my petition today. Some people really know how to party and help out! Thank you.

Vikings fan signs letter to TNT!!!

Party at the post-game tailgate at the 501 club lot.

Tailgating at football games is a great way to introduce people to the Dollhouse. I collected a lot of signatures today during the game. With the Fox cancellation announced, I feel it is critical to get signatures. Normally, I have been having Vikings/Dollhouse parties with chili. Now it is time to just collect as many signatures as I can. The good news is the Vikings keep winning. The bad news is, I look like I’ve been canvassing for 8 hours. I also wore the wrong colors- I look like a Detroit fan (many of whom also signed the petition).

I met many great people from all over the country. Viking’s fever is sweeping. The dome was packed.

Vikings versus Lions

Minnesota Vikings fans leaving the stadium after beating Detroit.

There were also many Dollhouse fans present. Many worry the Dollhouse will share the same fate as Joss Whedon”s Firefly.

I keep dreaming of a season 3!

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