Freedom of speech?

As I campaign, I run into various obstacles and barriers to collecting signatures and promoting the Dollhouse. I am constantly being told I cannot collect signatures on government property or on the train. I have been given warnings by the police not to collect signatures on the NorthStar rail line. (The police were cool about it and explained that someone had complained. What one person has the right to silence all others? I received Christian literature that day, did they get stopped as well?) I am supposed to asked for written permission from the MTC.

My guess is it will work like the county. I’m not sure why the Dollhouse represents such a dangerous idea that my signs would be taken down from county government buildings. They let my “artistic” paintings alone. All the property managers asked is that I carry $300,000 worth of liability insurance to collect signatures in their waiting rooms. Really?

The Fox Network asked me not to send anymore petitions into Fox which I ignored the very same day.

As you move through society, you see fewer and fewer people collecting signatures. Perhaps we have closed all the public spaces fo it. I will continue to collect signatures whenever and wherever I can.

I want to thank those who said yes to the Dollhouse through your signatures.

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