Sign the petition.


Preston petition.

Reilly petition.

4 Responses to “Sign the petition.”

  1. Tore, I applaud the sentiment and have sent emails myself to FOX, however, I’m a little worried the exclamation marks and CAPITALS on the Rilley petition come across as a little agressive….

    • I may have gotten a bit excited writing the letter. I use the same letters for the printed petitions and usually did it to emphasize the text for people who I am explaining the petitions to. Owing to formatting problems though, the Beckman letter could not include his quotes and I had to shorten the petition versus the email. It draws people’s attention to the basic idea of the letter. Meant more for public than Reilly when I collect sigs in person. On the physical letters it is in bold and capped to emphasize to citizens the basic idea. Just copied and pasted the text into the online petition. There is no way for me to edit the online petitions now.

  2. Ah, I see you, not your fault then. 😀

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