Minor setbacks.

First of all, shout out to COLE again at Shoreview Community Center gym. I stopped by tonight to thank him for letting me collect signatures there. He wasn’t working. I spent some time at the gym tonight, bought a one day pass and worked out. Never would have happened if I hadn’t met Elan while collecting signatures at the gym, so it’s all good. Thanks again Cole.

Meanwhile, I am in a dispute with Ramsey County property management over my ability to collect signatures on one of their premises. So far, I’m settling for collecting outside the building or in the main building lobby, but not in the office lobby. Hope I hear back from them tommorow. This is slowing me down.

Also, some of my Dollhouse posters were taken down. I’m replacing them with custom watercolors.

I also have a possible lead into a gaming community here in Minnesota. I collected a signature, but so far, it hasn’t gone anywhere because forum registration on Arykor.com appears to be closed. Why? I’ll try to find out tomorrow.

Well, tomorrow is another day. No DH on TV. Tears for that.

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