Canvass tonight.

So, tonight I canvassed at the Shoreview Community Center by the gym. The on-site manager, Cole, allowed me to canvass there. Thank you Cole.

Sometimes, you need a little luck, and getting the chance to canvass was very helpful.

I only collected 8 signatures there in 2 hours. I’d like to try to get at least 6 an hour, so it was a bit below my expectations. Nevertheless, a lot of people took flyers so hopefully they will watch Dollhouse. I also got some important feedback on the letters, so I’m going to modify the forms again to meet people’s needs.

The first batch of letters was copied and is ready to be sent tomorrow. I still have just enough money to pay for postage for the first batch.

If you have not looked at my materials, they are here:

Here is my action center to save the Dollhouse.

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