Target Preston Beckman

The problem: The Dollhouse is being canceled for show runs in November.

Contact Kevin Reilly Fox president and Preston Beckman VP to show support for the show.

The message:

Dear Preston Beckman:

The Dollhouse represents the best content on television today. As you yourself once said, “It’s not about fighting each other, it’s about bringing back that audience with great programming.” The Dollhouse is great programming.

Scheduling interference is killing the program. The Dollhouse cannot gain an audience when the show is constantly being yanked in favor of re-runs. You will kill the show before it can develop an audience. You don’t have to be a network executive to see that.

The Dollhouse should not be pulled in November. The show should run consistently week to week like other shows. The show would also do much better paired with Fringe on Thursday.


Tore Simonsen

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